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What is the difference between precision stainless steel pipes and fine-rolled steel pipes

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The reason why precision stainless steel pipes are called precision is because they have high precision and good tolerance control range. The wall thickness of precision pipes is uniform, the inner wall is smooth, and the surface is free of defects; the surface roughness is smoother than that of ordinary pipes. Fine-rolled steel pipes are also called cold-rolled precision steel pipes. They are a production process for seamless pipes. They have the characteristics of high precision and surface finish requirements, especially the seamless steel pipes for oil cylinders have higher quality requirements than other varieties. So, what is the difference between precision stainless steel pipes and fine-rolled steel pipes?

First, the characteristics of steel pipes

1. Fine-rolled steel pipes

Cold-rolled precision steel pipes have high tolerance dimensional accuracy, product accuracy is controlled at ±0.5mm, inner and outer wall finish is good, and there is no oxide layer on the surface. Excellent comprehensive performance can withstand high pressure, cold bending, expansion, and flattening without cracking, no wrinkling, and can do various complex deformations and mechanical processing.

The promotion and application of precision seamless pipes can save steel, improve processing efficiency, reduce processing procedures and equipment investment, save costs and greatly save mechanical processing time, increase production and material utilization, and at the same time help improve product quality and reduce costs.

2. Precision stainless steel pipes

Precision stainless steel pipes contain elements such as chromium Cr, nickel Ni, and titanium Ti. Chromium can significantly improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, which is particularly evident in the industry; nickel can improve the strength of stainless steel pipes, maintain the toughness of stainless steel, and have high corrosion resistance to acid and alkali. Acid and alkali environments have different degrees of impact on the human respiratory tract, skin, and eyes, so the role of nickel is very important; titanium ensures the density of stainless steel pipes and avoids intergranular corrosion.

Second, the role of steel pipes

1. Finished rolled steel pipes

Precision-rolled precision steel pipes are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, petrochemicals, electricity, ships, aerospace, bearings, pneumatic components, medium and low-pressure boilers, and other fields.

2. Precision stainless steel pipes

The demand for precision stainless steel pipes in electronic and mechanical applications is very huge. Stainless steel heat exchange pipes, stainless steel mechanical pipes, etc. are widely used. According to the survey data, the industrial development direction of the western region is pointed out, such as automobiles, machinery, electronics and electrical appliances, rail transportation, chemicals, petroleum, and other industries.

The machinery industry is mainly based on high-end CNC machine tools, functional components, and large precision castings. To pursue more durable and cost-effective products, electronic and mechanical applications will also take the road of precision in the future.

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