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Hunan Great Steel Pipe have quality inspection center to provide testing services to the production process and finished products. The laboratory has 14 sets of test equipment, including Flatting test units, Hydraulic test unit and the Ultrasonic flaw detection units used in the production workshop at the scene. It could detect 31 kinds of projects, including the metal material and coating material physical and chemical properties. A total of 8 kinds of standard to be used and standard software.
Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd offers a full range of testing services in-house or through the use of approved laboratories. All the testing you need can be performed with results emailed to you before delivery, meaning you can rest assured that the pipe you order is ready for use when it comes to your facility.
Qualified technicians continually monitor process parameters to assure consistent machine operation.
Trained inspectors sample and test on-line in order to provide immediate feedback should a key attribute move outside of statistical process control limits.
Variable data is entered into a Quality Assurance controlled SPC system for real time analysis.
Mechanical & other properties are tested in the Quality Assurance lab prior to final product release. Material test reports are issued with every shipment.
Testing Abilities include
  Hydrostatic pressure test
  Fatigue Life
  Microstructure Analysis
  Eddy Current Test
  Rockwell Hardness (SPC)
  Dimensional Analysis (SPC)
  Digital Radiography
  Vickers Hardness
  Expansion, Flare, Flattening, Reverse Flattening
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Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd is a world-class production and service provider of submerged arc straight seam welded pipe as the first subsidiary of Shinestar Group. Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd pays more attention to in the pipeline engineering research areas as a pioneer of China Petroleum Pipeline & Gas Pipeline Science Research Institute.



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