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  • Pipe Cutting
    Cut to LengthBefore Cutting Pipe and Tubing(1)No matter the material, measure the diameter of the pipe or tube to be cut to ensure that you use the right-size tube cutter for the job.(2)When determining how to make a straight cut, use a tape measure and a pencil or other writing instrument to mark o
  • Packing
    Same day shipment on most Stock Items.
  • Pipe Threading
    Common pipe thread types: 1.NPT or NPS (national pipe tapered or straight): Most common in North America2.MIP or FIP (male or female iron pipe): Same thread dimensions as NPT3.BSP(T) or BSP(S) (British standard pipe tapered or straight): Most common in Europe4.Compression: A unique threaded fitting
  • Pipe Beveling
    What is pipeline beveled end and why use it?In fact, it is processed prior to the welding of two pieces of line pipes, an angle formed at the edge of the end of the pipe with the help of a beveling machine. Beveling of pipe or tubing is most commonly used to prepare the ends for welding. It can also
  • Pipe Coating
    Pipeline anticorrosion refers pipeline using transport pipeline cited by the use of the environment and transport medium shadow pipeline corrosion chemical or electrochemical reaction. In order to effectively prevent or control pipeline corrosion, scientists are seeking a new, higher, more effective
  • Pipe Galvanizing
    Zinc CoatingZinc, a natural, healthy, and abundant element is wildly used in construction. Zinc metal has a number of characteristics that make it a well-suited corrosion protective coating for iron and steel products. Zinc’s excellent corrosion resistance in most environments accounts for its succe
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