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Spiral pipe yield and loss rate

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Spiral pipe (SSAW) factory attaches great importance to the loss of spiral pipe. From the steel plate to the finished product rate of the spiral pipe, the loss rate of the spiral pipe manufacturer during welding directly affects the cost price of the spiral pipe.

The formula for calculating the yield of spiral pipe:

b is the finished product rate, %; Q is the weight of qualified products, in tons; G is the weight of raw materials in tons.

Yield has a reciprocal relationship with metal consumption coefficient K.


The main factor affecting material productivity is the various metal losses generated during the production process. Therefore, the method to improve material productivity is mainly to reduce various metal losses.

Since the raw materials used in each steel rolling workshop are different from the rolled products, for example, some steel rolling workshops use steel ingots as raw materials, open blanks in the middle, and roll them into materials; some workshops directly use steel ingots as raw materials and roll them into materials; Steel billets are used as raw materials to roll into materials; there are also some workshops that use steel as raw materials to process various finished steel products. Therefore, it is difficult to use a yield calculation method to express and compare the metal harvesting situation in the production process, and it is also difficult to reflect the differences in the production technology level and management level of the workshop. HSCO spiral pipe factory said that there are different methods for calculating the yield, such as the yield of steel ingots, the yield of steel ingots, and the yield of foreign billets. Each rolling shop should be calculated according to the specific situation.

Spiral pipe loss rate calculation:

Spiral pipe manufacturing loss rate refers to the waste ratio of raw materials in the spiral pipe manufacturing process. According to the statistical analysis of professional and technical personnel for many years, the loss rate of spiral pipe manufacturing is between 2% and 3%.
between. In the spiral tube manufacturing process, the main components of the waste are: the front part of the spiral tube forming, the tail, the milling edge of the raw material, and the necessary steps in the spiral tube production process. If the spiral pipe cannot be milled and tailed according to normal standards during the production process, the produced steel pipe has a very low grid rate.

How to control the loss rate of the spiral pipe?
1. After the spiral steel pipe is formed, it is necessary to cut the first piece and remove the tail to prevent the irregularity of the steel pipe. This is an important process to ensure the specification and appearance of steel pipes, and waste will be generated during this process.

2. For the processing of raw materials, the strip steel needs to be milled and other treatments before welding. In this process, waste materials will also be generated.

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