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Rust Removal And Maintenance Methods for Straight Seam Welded Pipes

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The maintenance of straight seam welded pipe equipment has become a headache. Straight seam welded pipe equipment plays an important role in life and work. It is generally required that the surface of straight seam welded pipe fittings reaches a nearly white level (Sa2.5). The practice has proved that it is suitable for the construction technology of epoxy, vinyl, phenolic, and other anti-corrosion coatings commonly used in straight seam welded pipe fittings. Using this level of rust removal can almost remove All oxide scale, rust, and other dirt, and the depth of the anchor pattern reaches 40~100μm, which fully meets the adhesion requirements between the anti-corrosion layer and the steel pipe. The spray (throwing) rust removal process can be achieved with lower operating costs and stability and reliability. Near white level (Sa2.5 technical conditions). When rust occurs in the straight seam welded pipe, it should be treated according to the special rust removal methods and methods to ensure the high quality and performance of the straight seam welded pipe. It can be used in different industries and fields and is a good choice for the construction industry. Makes an important contribution and effect. That is, the total kinetic energy E applied by the abrasive to the steel pipe per unit time and the kinetic energy E1 of the single-grain abrasive. The rust removal speed of the steel pipe depends on the type of abrasive and the displacement of the abrasive. In the formula: m The spray of abrasive ( Throwing) amount; V abrasive running speed; m1 of single-grain abrasive. The size of m is related to the abrasive crushing rate. The size of the crushing rate directly affects the interest of surface treatment operations and the cost of rust removal equipment. When the equipment is fixed, m is a constant, y is a constant, so E is also a constant, but due to the crushing of the abrasive, m1 changes. Therefore, an abrasive with a lower loss rate should generally be selected, which will help increase the cleaning speed and extend the life of the blade. To achieve ideal rust removal For the effect, the abrasive should be selected according to the hardness of the surface of the straight seam welded pipe equipment, the original rust level, the required surface roughness, the coating type, etc. For single-layer epoxy, two-layer, or three-layer polyethylene coatings, steel sand and The mixed abrasive of steel shot can easily achieve the ideal rust removal effect. The steel shot has the effect of strengthening the steel surface, while the steel sand has the effect of etching the steel surface. The mixed abrasive of steel sand and steel shot (usually the hardness of steel shot is 4050HRC The hardness of steel grit is 5060HRC and can be used on various steel surfaces. Even when used on steel surfaces with C and D corrosion, the rust removal effect is very good.

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