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Precautions and acceptance criteria for purchasing welded steel pipes

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The raw materials of welded steel pipes are ordinary low carbon steel, low alloy steel or high manganese steel, etc., which are widely used in boilers, automobiles, ships, light steel structure doors and windows, furniture, various agricultural machinery, high-rise shelves, containers, etc. So what are the precautions and acceptance criteria for purchasing welded steel pipes?

Precautions for purchasing welded steel pipes:

1. Check the manufacturer's qualifications, whether the business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, production and operation license and other qualification materials are complete.
2. Look at the case, inspect the performance of the supplier, and the status of the projects served in the past.
3. Is there a self-built logistics fleet? Choosing a service provider with a self-built logistics fleet can reduce transportation costs, and the most important thing is to ensure timely delivery.

4. After-sales service, whether there is a sound and reliable after-sales service guarantee system, and quality problems in the acceptance of the goods and subsequent use must be resolved in a timely manner.

Acceptance criteria for welded steel pipes:

1. Check whether the quality assurance materials such as the product quality certificate, material manual, and quality assurance book are complete.
2. Check the appearance of the welded pipe, the surface is smooth and flat, the weld seam is dense without burrs, no oil spot corrosion, no extrusion deformation, and the cross section is flat.
3. Use a micrometer to check whether the outer diameter and wall thickness of the welded pipe meet the requirements, and the deviation of the standard wall thickness does not exceed 3%-5%.
4. Use a flaw detector to conduct non-destructive flaw detection on welded pipes.
5. Carry out the bending tensile strength test according to the requirements, bend the welded pipe 30 degrees, and there is no crack at the bend.

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