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Over-temperature Boiler Tubes Knowledge

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Boiler tubes cooled in the heating surface tubes running time count or deterioration of the operating environment, dry, in a short time so that a sudden increase in the temperature of the steel pipe, the temperature reaches above the rated temperature, a tensile strength of steel sharp decline in stress over the tube nominal yield, such as steel pipe will produce shear fracture occurs squib!

Boiler tubes in a short time most of them will occur burst pipes, high temperature in a short time, when the pipe burst pipe soda spray is like varying degrees of sudden fire! Steel pipe explosion will occur around the obvious increase in hardness!

Boiler tube poorly designed in the design outside, mainly due to steel overload, improper operation or intermediate pipe blockage caused by dirt! Steel pipe outlet temperature overload operation going on generally increased, such an action would exacerbate the sense of over-temperature phenomenon, the steel pipe in a short time of dramatic change, boosting speed and other factors will cause the pipe temperature, if the pipe middle clogged with dirt will cause poor circulation or steel soda local overheating caused by burst pipes!

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