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What Is The Process Flow of Thickened Steel Plate Rounding Processing?

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When performing rounding processing of thickened steel plates, a series of technological processes are required. The following is a possible process flow for reference:

1. Material preparation: Select a suitable thickened steel plate and ensure that its quality meets the requirements. For the rounding processing of thickened steel plates, thicker steel plates are usually selected to ensure strength and stability after processing.

2. Design process plan: Draw a process plan based on specific processing requirements. Including the determination of parameters such as crimp diameter, bending angle, and number of crimps. This step requires comprehensive consideration of the performance of the steel plate, the feasibility of the processing equipment, and the processing technology.

3. Processing equipment preparation: Prepare the curling machine or curling equipment to ensure its normal operation. Check the various functions of the equipment to ensure that it can meet the processing requirements.

4. Steel plate cutting: Cut the prepared steel plate according to the designed size. Cutting is usually done using cutting machinery or cutting tools to ensure the flatness and precision of the cutting edge.

5. Pre-bending roller production: According to the curling diameter and processing requirements, pre-bending rollers of corresponding sizes are produced. The function of the pre-bending roller is to change the shape of the steel plate through curling and bending.

6. Thickened steel plate curling: Place the steel plate on the curling machine or curling equipment, and curl it through the action of the pre-bending roller. Operate according to the number of curls and curling diameter set in the process plan, and gradually curl the steel plate into a circle.

7. Bending processing: After completing the curling, perform bending processing as needed. Bending machine tools or hand-operated tools can be used to bend and shape the curled steel plate to achieve the bending angle required by the design.

8. Steel plate shaping: Shaping the finished steel plate, including trimming, grinding, and painting. These steps can improve the appearance quality of the steel plate and protect the surface of the steel plate.

9. Quality inspection: Carry out quality inspection on the processed rolled steel plates. Check the size, shape, surface quality, and other indicators of the steel plate to ensure that it meets the design requirements and relevant standards.

10. Packaging and transportation: Pack the rolled steel plates that have passed the quality inspection to prevent damage during transportation. Choose appropriate packaging materials and methods to ensure the safe transportation of steel plates.

It should be noted that there may be differences in the rolling processing technology of different thickened steel plates. The specific process flow will be adjusted and optimized based on processing requirements, equipment conditions, operating experience, and other factors. Therefore, in actual operation, it is recommended to make adjustments and improvements based on specific circumstances.

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