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What is the difference between seamless tubes and ordinary steel tubes?

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Seamless tubes (SMLS) are significantly different from ordinary steel pipes in many aspects. The following is a comparison from four aspects: definition, manufacturing process, performance and application fields.

1. Definition

Seamless tubes are stronger and more durable than regular steel pipes because they are made of a single piece of metal and have no cast connections or welding gaps. Because seamless steel tube requires more steps and processes to produce, its quality is typically higher.

Common steel tube: Typically made with welds from steel plates or strips (welded steel pipe). Welding can be used to join two or more steel plates together during the production of regular steel pipes.

2. Manufacturing process

Seamless tube: Choosing the right raw materials, heating, plastic deformation, cooling, straightening, and other intricate process steps are necessary to manufacture seamless steel tubes. Specialized seamless steel tubes used in extremely corrosive or high-pressure environments need to undergo additional surface and heat treatment procedures.

Common steel tubes: Welding technology is primarily used in the production of common steel pipes. In accordance with the designed drawings, the steel plates or strips are cut, welded, and then formed into the necessary shape and size.

3. Performance differences

Seamless tube: The overall strength and durability of seamless steel tube are superior because it is not joined at any point. It can withstand harsher working conditions and is more resilient to high pressure, high temperatures, and highly corrosive environments.

Regular steel pipe: Because regular steel pipe has welds, it is comparatively weak and brittle. Its low manufacturing cost makes it appropriate for certain situations where high performance is not needed.

4. Application fields

Seamless tube: The primary applications for seamless steel tube are in pipeline systems for the natural gas, petroleum, chemical, and electric power industries, as well as in the manufacturing of machinery and the construction industry. High-grade steel pipes are necessary in these fields to withstand the effects of extreme temperatures, high pressures, and highly corrosive environments.

Common steel tubes: Common steel tubes are primarily utilized in fundamental engineering structures like water pipes, buildings, bridges, and so forth. These fields place more of an emphasis on cost considerations than they do on the strength and longevity of steel pipes.

In conclusion, seamless tubes and regular steel tubes differ significantly in terms of application fields, performance, and manufacturing processes. The choice of steel pipe type should be chosen with consideration for the application environment and real needs in mind.

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