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What is oil drill pipe? What types of oil drill pipes are there?

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What is oil drill pipe?

Oil drill pipe is utilised in oil well drilling. It is characterised by its thin walls and light weight per unit length. Its primary function is to provide mud passage and transmit pulling force and torque. There is also a type of oil drill jack, which has a thick wall and heavy weight per unit length. Its main functions are to provide mud passage, transmit pulling force and torque, and provide drilling weight for the drill bit.

What are the steel grades of oil drill pipes?

Common oil drill pipe steel grades include E75, X95, G105, and S135.

Drill pipe is a steel pipe with a threaded end used to connect the surface equipment of the drilling rig to the drilling and grinding equipment or bottom hole device at the bottom of the drilling well. Its purpose is to transport drilling mud to the drill bit and to raise, lower or rotate the bottom hole device along with the drill bit. Drill pipe must withstand significant internal and external pressure, twisting, bending and vibration. During oil and gas extraction and refining, drill pipe is often reused. There are three categories of drill pipe: kelly, drill pipe, and weighted drill pipe. The connection sequence is as follows: kelly (1 piece) + drill pipe (n pieces, determined by the well depth) + weighted drill pipe (n pieces, determined by the design of the drill tool assembly). The text provides a detailed classification of drill pipes, drill pipe joints, drill pipe specifications, as well as the steel grade and strength of drill pipes.

What is the length of oil drill pipe?

Oil drill pipes are generally 9 meters long and have a diameter of 5 inches. They are made of rolled seamless steel pipes. To strengthen the connection between the pipe body and joints, both ends of the drill pipe are roughened and thickened according to API standards. The thickening forms are divided into internal and external, with a transition section of 20-65mm in length (up to 120-130mm). 

Oil drill pipe types and their differences?

Oil drill pipe is a crucial tool in oil drilling, mainly used for drilling operations. There are different types of oil drill pipes based on their uses and characteristics.

The most common type is the drilling and workover riser (Drill Pipe), which connects drilling tools and drill bits. It is typically made of non-magnetic steel to prevent interference with logging and geomagnetic exploration. The drill pipe can be divided into standard and high-strength types based on different needs.

   The drill collar is used to connect two sections of drill pipe, increase the total weight, enhance drilling, and stabilize the wellbore.

It can be classified into straight and turbulent drill strings based on shape and use. The anchor or stabilizer is used to stabilize the well wall during drilling, preventing well wall collapse and diameter expansion. The principle of stabilizing the well wall is achieved through two types of stabilizers: cutting and sliding.

 Additionally, a magnetic pressure change detector (MWD) can be installed in the drill string to monitor drilling parameters such as pressure, temperature, and vibration in real-time to guide drilling operations.  Oil drill pipes have different roles in the drilling process and are chosen based on the well depth, formation properties, and work requirements. Drilling engineers select the appropriate model to complete the task.

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