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What Are The Grades of OCTG Casing?

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What are the grades of OCTG casing?

Oil Country Tubing Goods (OCTG) are steel tubes used in oil and gas exploration and production. OCTG casing is a crucial structural component of the well structure, maintaining the integrity of the wellbore and preventing formation fluids, such as water and natural gas, from entering. OCTG casing is also essential for cementing wells and preventing pressure build-up in the well. Selecting the appropriate grade of oil well casing is crucial for the safe and successful operation of an oil and gas well.

Grades of OCTG Casing Pipe

OCTG casing pipe is produced in different grades, each with unique characteristics to meet specific application requirements. Below is a detailed description of each grade. The commonly used grades of OCTG casing pipe are API J55, API K55, API L80, API N80, API P110, API Q125, API S135 and API V150. 

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