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Three different welding techniques for stainless steel pipes

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Stainless steel pipes have relatively high requirements when welding. During welding, they need to be able to penetrate deeply and not be doped with oxides. Moreover, there are three different welding techniques used. The effect is relatively good.

1. Because tungsten inert gas argon arc welding has better adaptability, the quality during welding is better, and the welding penetration effect is very good, it is used in many chemical and other industries. widely used. However, its speed during welding is not very high, so to increase the welding speed, a three-electrode welding torch is generally used for welding.

2. There is also a high-frequency welding technology whose welding speed is very good in comparison, so the efficiency of welding general-purpose stainless steel pipes is very high. However, it is precisely because the high-frequency welding speed is relatively high that the workload is relatively large when removing burrs from welded pipes. It is precisely because this technology is still not allowed to be used in many industries with higher requirements.

3. When using combined welding technology, it needs to be combined through various methods such as argon arc welding and plasma welding. The quality of the weld seams during welding is relatively good, the welding effect is relatively better, the welding operation is simpler, and the entire welding system can be automated.

The three different welding technologies for stainless steel pipes have somewhat different effects when used, so we can make adjustments according to actual needs when choosing the welding method.

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