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Things To Note When Welding Stainless Steel Pipes

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The composition of stainless steel pipes consists of chemical composition, physical function, and weldability, so it is impossible to weld with a single welding data and welding process. In this issue of news, let's take a look at the issues that need to be paid attention to when welding stainless steel pipes.

What issues should be paid attention to when welding stainless steel pipes? During the welding process, the bottom layer of the manufacturer must be treated differently and the welding data suitable for you must be selected for welding. To ensure the corrosion resistance of the coating, the weld composition of the coating should be as consistent as possible with the coated steel, but at the junction of the two layers, the coating needs to be diluted by the bottom layer, reducing corrosion resistance or embrittlement. The bottom layer is alloyed and brittle, so the key to stainless steel plate welding is to handle the welding of adjacent parts of the two layers. The processing method is to set up a transition layer weld between the bottom layer and the cladding.

Post-weld heat treatment For welded components of thicker stainless steel pipes, post-weld heat treatment can eliminate welding residual stress, but it should be noted that when the temperature of hot stainless steel seamless steel pipe manufacturers is high, the iron cable body will peel off on the carbon steel side. Carbon will reduce the progress, while the stainless steel side will carburize, and become hard and brittle, resulting in reduced impact toughness and the risk of welded joint failure, which is undesirable.

Stainless steel pipe exports are an important part of my country's export economy and play an important role in driving my country's economic growth. However, judging from the current situation of my country's stainless steel foreign trade, my country's stainless steel exports have encountered greater resistance.

Since last year, foreign countries have frequently heard news about the "double resistance" of China's stainless steel casting products, which has a great impact on China's stainless steel casting industry. Export is an important part of the development of China's stainless steel pipe industry and occupies a huge market share in its industrial development. Facing the economic downturn and the slowdown in development, development of China's stainless steel industry should continue to improve product quality, better develop overseas trade, cope with the suppression of trade protectionism, integrate products with environmental protection, energy, and the human environment, and enhance The competitiveness of stainless steel products.

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