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The importance and advantages of anti-corrosion for spiral welded pipes

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Anti-corrosion steel pipes have various important applications in daily life. They are ordinary steel pipes that have undergone special anti-corrosion treatment, providing them with the ability to resist corrosion. These pipes are commonly used for waterproofing, rust prevention, acid and alkali resistance, and oxidation prevention. PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is a tubular product that is processed using advanced technology. It is widely used in industries such as petroleum, natural gas, city gas, urban water supply, and coal water slurry transmission pipelines due to its anti-corrosion properties.

Anti-corrosion measures can be applied to the inner and outer walls of spiral welded pipes as needed. Common methods include epoxy coal pitch anti-corrosion steel pipes, polyurethane coating, and cement mortar anti-corrosion for the inner wall of the steel pipe. These anti-corrosion spiral welded steel pipes are primarily used in engineering fields with special requirements or harsh environment.

Spiral welded pipes undergo anti-corrosion treatment to prevent or slow down corrosion caused by chemical or electrochemical reactions during transportation and use. In my country, steel pipe corrosion results in an annual direct economic loss of over 280 billion US dollars. Globally, the annual loss due to steel pipe corrosion is estimated to be as high as 500 billion US dollars. Anti-corrosion steel pipes can prevent or slow down corrosion, extending the service life of steel pipes and reducing operating costs.

Features of spiral welded pipe for anti-corrosion:

The anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe is highly durable, with corrosion-resistant properties, high toughness, excellent flexibility, good resistance to scratches, and resistance to rapid crack transmission. It can be used in environments with temperatures greater than or equal to 60 degrees Celsius and has a lifespan of over 50 years. 

In addition to improving the service life of the steel pipe through anti-corrosion, the spiral welded steel pipe is also reflected in the following aspects:

Combine the mechanical strength of steel pipes with the corrosion resistance of plastics.

The outer wall coating is over 2.5mm thick and resistant to scratches and bumps. 

The inner wall has a low friction coefficient of 0.0081-0.091, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Additionally, it is smooth and resistant to scaling, with a self-cleaning function.

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