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Stock Pipes--Quick shipment,good price, welcome to inquire

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  We are pleased to introduce our latest stock product –  A213 T22&A213 T11high quality seamless Pipes. We have a large inventory of these pipes and would like to offer them to you for IMMEDIATELY SHIPMENT

  The high quality seamless pipes are easily able to fulfill all the requirements of clients for various different uses. The tubes are used widely in numerous engineering applications.

Kindly refer to the attached stock inventory list below, offering comprehensive details on pipe sizes and quantities. We have engaged in the steel pipe industry for 30years with rich exprience and strong strengths. We are pleased to offer you a quotation for any of the items mentioned. If you need comprehensive lists, kindly reach out to us and we will gladly provide them to you.

NO.ProductStandard & MaterialOD(mm)WT(mm)LENGTH (m)Quantity(pcs)Total Weight(ton)
1seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.776189.732220
2seamless   pipeA213 T2219.052.776260.633230
3seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.776340.433230
4seamless   pipeA213 T2219.052.4136420.233210
5seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.413650033210
6seamless   pipeA213 T2219.052.4136579.831200
7seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.4136659.631200
8seamless   pipeA213 T2219.052.4136739.429190
9seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.4136819.227180
10seamless   pipeA213 T2219.052.413689927180
11seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.4136978.825170
12seamless   pipeA213 T2219.052.4137058.623160
13seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.4137138.321150
14seamless   pipeA213 T2219.052.4137218.11390
15seamless pipeA213 T2219.052.4137297.91180
16seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771231019360
17seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.771238020380
18seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771245119370
19seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.771252217330
20seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771259219370
21seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.771266318350
22seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771273319370
23seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.771280418360
24seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771287417340
25seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.771294516320
26seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771301515300
27seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.771308616320
28seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771315613260
29seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.771322714290
30seamless   pipeA213 T2225.42.771329711230
31seamless pipeA213 T2225.42.77133689190
32seamless   pipeA213 T1119.052.116000950

  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and provide you with the best products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further information.

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