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Steel management performance inspection

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① Tensile test: measure stress and deformation, determine the strength (YS, TS) and plasticity index (A, Z) of the material

Longitudinal and transverse specimen pipe section, arc, circular specimen (¢10,¢12.5)

Small-diameter thin-walled steel pipes, large-diameter thick-walled steel pipes, and fixed gauge distance.

Remarks: The elongation of the sample after breaking is related to the size of the sample GB/T 1760

②Impact test: CVN, notch C type, V type, power J value J/cm2

Standard sample 10×10×55 (mm) Non-standard sample 5×10×55 (mm)

③Hardness test: Brinell hardness HB, Rockwell hardness HRC, Vickers hardness HV, etc.

④Hydraulic test: test pressure, pressure stabilization time, p=2Sδ/D

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