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Seamless steel pipe schedule 80

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What is seamless steel pipe?

Seamless carbon steel pipes are produced by heating a billet, perforating it, rolling it, and then cooling it.   They offer several advantages over welded steel pipes, including a smoother appearance without welded joints, greater strength and pressure resistance, and the ability to withstand higher temperatures and pressures. Seamless steel pipes are extensively used in specialised fields, including petroleum, chemical, and natural gas industries.

What is Schedule 80 ?

This series originates from the British metrology unit and is used to indicate size. The wall thickness of a seamless steel pipe is expressed using the Schedule series (40, 60, 80, 120) and is connected to the weight series (STD, XS, XXS), which are converted to millimeters as part of the tube wall thickness series.

Schedule 80 seamless carbon steel pipe characteristics:

High pressure resistance, high precision, cold bending deformation, no crack flattening, no oxide scale, good tensile and impact resistance.

Difference Between SCH 40 pipe and SCH 80 pipe:

Schedule 40 pipes have standard weight, while Schedule 80 pipes have extra strength due to their thicker walls. Both types of pipes are made from the same material and are used in construction work, but Schedule 40 is more commonly used. If a stronger pipe is required, engineers would opt for Schedule 80 pipes, which are used in exposed areas. However, if extra strength is unnecessary, Schedule 40 pipes are sufficient.

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