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Sealing and bonding of stainless steel pipeline

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The sealing ring is arranged on the inner end surface of the socket of the pipe body, and a glue injection hole is opened on the socket of the pipe body. After the pipe is inserted into the socket of the pipe fitting body and passes through the sealing ring, a special glue injection device is used to inject the glue through the glue injection hole. Under the action of pressure and capillary driving force, the adhesive fills the connecting surface. Because the seal prevents water from eroding the glue layer, it breaks through the forbidden area that thin-walled stainless steel pipes cannot be bonded, forming a complete pipeline connection system consisting of sealing parts, silk bonding parts, and live bonding parts.

Taking the DN15 pipe as an example, the sealed connection method has the following characteristics:

(1) Tensile performance: The tensile resistance of the pipe joint is 45 times that of the compression type.

(2) Torsion resistance: The torsion resistance of the pipe joints, the sealing type is 67 times that of the compression type. Moreover, when the pipe is twisted, the joint can be ensured that the pipe itself is twisted.

(3) Impact resistance: After the test pipe section undergoes mechanical shock (falling from a height of 15m to the cement floor, repeated 100 times) and thermal shock (0, 90, repeated 100 times), there is no leakage after being pressed to 80MPa.

(4) Heat resistance: heat the test pipe section at 90°C for 100h, and press at 90°C to 80MPa without leakage.

(5) Durability: Since the sealing eliminates the erosion effect of water on the adhesive layer, the test shows that the bonding strength at this time not only does not decrease with time, but there is an increasing trend, which can be described as no worries.

(6) Installation process performance: After the pipe is broken, directly insert the pipe into the pipe fitting, fix the pipe, and finally inject glue. Fool-style installation can be realized, which is fast and reliable. The connection can be disassembled after heating to over 250, and the pipe fittings can be reused.

(7) Pipeline life and reliability: Sealed-adhesive pipeline adopts double checkpoints of sealing and sticking, and its service life is composed of two parts: the service life of the sealing ring and the bonding life after the sealing ring fails.

Because the installation process can be foolish, the reliability of the pipeline reaches a high level before the seal ring fails, so that the minimum life of the sealed pipeline is equal to the maximum life of other connection methods (all equal to the service life of the seal ring). When the sealing ring fails, the bonding also plays a sealing role. As for the long life and reliability of bonding at this time, it depends on the specific working conditions.

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