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Regarding the wall thickness of steel pipes, how to choose ordinary or thickened ones

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With the laying of various pipelines in the country, the use of pipelines has become more and more extensive. We have previously introduced that internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes have good anti-corrosion properties, but many friends feel that it is difficult to choose when purchasing internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes. Speaking of plastic-coated steel pipes, you may be unfamiliar, but today after listening to my introduction of what plastic-coated steel pipes are, you will not feel unfamiliar. Plastic-coated steel pipes are based on steel pipes. Through spraying, rolling, dipping, and suction processes, a layer of plastic anti-corrosion layer is welded on the inner surface of the steel pipe (bottom pipe) or a steel-plastic composite steel pipe with a plastic anti-corrosion layer welded on the inner and outer surfaces. Today we will talk to you about how to choose internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes.

First, the internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes purchased should comply with the certification of the National Fire Detection Department. The fire department plays a key role in the safety of fire equipment. The recognition of the fire detection department is enough to show that the quality of the product is safe and reliable.

Second, when purchasing internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes, you can visit the factory on-site to see the production capacity of the manufacturer and the products that have just come off the production line. By watching the production of the manufacturer, you can fully understand the production capacity and quality of the manufacturer.

Thirdly, visiting the application cases of the internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes produced by the manufacturer can be used in some large projects, which can also reflect the excellent quality of the pipeline.

Now more than 80% of the fire pipes in the world use internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes, which completely solve the corrosion of fire extinguishing agents, as well as the anti-corrosion and flame resistance in water and waterless states, and effectively improve the service life of fire water supply and automatic fire extinguishing sprinkler systems.

This kind of steel pipe has many advantages

1) Plastic-coated steel pipes have excellent excellent properties and can adapt to humid environments. They can not only withstand high temperatures but also be used in places with polar temperatures.

2) The anti-interference ability of plastic-coated steel pipes is very good. If used as a cable sheath, it can effectively shield the interference of external signals.

3) Because the surface of the plastic-coated steel pipe is welded with a layer of plastic anti-corrosion layer, it has good insulation. As a protective tube for wires, there will be no leakage.

4) The bearing capacity of the plastic-coated steel pipe can reach up to 6Mpa, which can be said to be an excellent pressure-bearing capacity.

5) The plastic coated surface has no burrs and the pipe wall is smooth. There is no need to worry about the problem of threading wires or cables during construction. So where can such an excellent plastic coated steel pipe be used?

First of all, because the plastic-coated steel pipe has a certain anti-corrosion effect, it is used in various forms of circulating water systems, fire water supply systems, water supply, and drainage transportation of various buildings, and other water transportation, with excellent performance. Secondly, it can be used for ventilation pipes, water supply, and drainage pipes in mines and mines. Because it has good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts, it can also be used for the transportation of various chemical fluids. As a new type of anti-corrosion steel pipe, the internal and external plastic coated steel pipe not only has the advantages of high strength, easy connection, and water flow impact resistance of steel pipes, but also overcomes the shortcomings of easy corrosion, pollution, scaling of steel pipes in water, and low strength and poor fire protection performance of plastic pipes. The service life can reach 50 years. Before installation, first weld the flanges at both ends of the steel pipe. The flanges need to be welded firmly and then coated with polyethylene. During installation, install a sealing gasket between the two flanges of the coated composite pipe and tighten it with bolts.

To ensure that the steel pipe does not produce axial movement under the pressure of the transported medium, it is necessary to fix the pipe with piers, brackets, hangers, and the like. When fixing, it is necessary to consider that the pipe will swing and bend under pressure so as not to move. For vertically installed pipes, the distance between the two fixed points cannot be greater than 2 meters. For horizontally installed pipes, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance between the two fixed points to be adjusted according to the outer diameter of the coated composite pipe project. When fixing with cement or brick piers, the pipe can be built into the pier. If it is fixed with brackets, brackets, and hangers, it is necessary to set U-shaped or other types of pipe clamps on the pipe or pipe fittings. Note that to prevent the pipe clamp from sliding, it is necessary to place a rubber pad between the surface of the pipe and the pipe clamp, tighten the pipe clamp with screws, and then connect the pipe clamp to the pier, bracket, bracket, etc. firmly through bolts, etc.

It can be installed according to the user's drawings. If the drawings cannot be provided, a special person is required to measure on-site, design and make special pipe connectors for users to connect with mining pipes or connect with seamless steel pipes through quick pipe clamps. During installation, the warning line on the pipe must be kept facing outward to form a line.

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