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Passivation Process of Spiral Pipe

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Since the thicker parts formed on the surface, dense and complex components of the scale, such parts pickling descaling relatively complicated. Such removal of loose oxide scale according to a pickling step of removing ash hung performed.

1, Loose scale:

2, Pickling operation: after loose scale, often attached to parts of the surface layer of gray hanging, hanging ash after removing oxide passivation.

3, Removal of ash hanging operation step: Parts after pickling passivation process poor corrosion resistance in the air, such as exposure to air, the parts of the surface rust. To enhance the corrosion resistance of parts, the parts must generate a dense surface, good corrosion resistance of passive film, in order to achieve the purpose of corrosion resistance. Passivation film is good or bad will directly affect the quality of life and appearance parts, factors that affect the quality of the passivation film composition and quality of the main material of the passivation solution.

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