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Methods to prevent or slow down corrosion of petrochemical steel pipelines

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The following methods can slow down or prevent steel pipeline corrosion:

1. Adjust measures to local conditions: rationally select pipeline building materials, and select different types of materials according to different transmission media and environmental conditions.

2. Steel pipe plus DC power supply: Turn the pipe metal that was originally an anode into a cathode for protection.

3. Pre-process the medium: remove highly corrosive components in the medium or adjust its pH value.

4. Add anti-corrosion coating to the surface of the steel pipe: it can isolate the steel pipe from contact with oxygen in the air to achieve protection.

5. Adding corrosion inhibitors: Today, the key development direction of anti-corrosion technology in pipelines and other fields is corrosion inhibitors. It is a special additive added to metal equipment to slow down corrosion. Its dosage is small, investment is low, and the effect is obvious.

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