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Length Description of Large Diameter Steel Pipe

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1. Normal length (also called non-fixed-length length): Any length that is within the length specified by the standard and no fixed length is required is called normal length. For example, the structural pipe standard stipulates hot-rolled (extruded, expanded) steel pipe 3000mm~12000mm; cold drawn (rolled) steel pipe 2000mm~10500mm.

2. Fixed-length length: The fixed-length length should be within the usual length range, which is a certain fixed length dimension required in the contract. However, it is impossible to cut out the fixed-length length in actual operation, so the standard stipulates the allowable positive deviation value for the fixed-length length.

3. Length of multiple rulers: The length of the multiple rulers should be within the range of normal length. The contract should indicate the length of the single ruler and the multiple of the total length (for example, 3000mm×3, which is 3 multiples of 3000mm, the total length is 9000mm). In actual operation, the allowable positive deviation of 20mm should be added to the total length, plus a margin for the incision of each single ruler length. If there is no double-length deviation and cutting allowance in the standard, it should be negotiated by the buyer and the seller and indicated in the contract. The double-length scale is the same as the fixed-length length, which will bring about a substantial reduction in the yield rate of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is reasonable for the manufacturer to raise the price, and the price increase is the same as the fixed-length length.

4. Range length: The range length is within the usual range. When the user requires a fixed range length, it must be indicated in the contract.

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