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Key points in purchasing oil casing pipe

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Key points in purchasing oil casing pipe:

1.Prior to purchasing, identify the oil casing type, steel grade, thread type, wall thickness, length range, weight, quantity and any special requirements.

2. Specify the applicable oil casing standards, whether they are API standards, national standards, industry standards, or enterprise standards. It is worth noting that API standards are comparatively less rigid, and that each standard may differ in its specifications. When filling in the order conditions, it is important to clearly state the criteria. Typically, API pipes are utilized. If these pipes are affiliated with a subsidiary company such as PetroChina, they must adhere to the group's standards as well.

How to choose an oil casing supplier?

  1. Production technology

    Before considering collaboration with an oil casing manufacturer, you must obtain a comprehensive understanding of their production technology and assembly line workflow. The manufacturer should possess advanced production equipment, technology and complete production processes to ensure the production of qualified products. Inadequate technology will result in the inability of the manufacturer to produce products of qualified quality.

  2. Production qualification

    Check the quality certification materials and production license qualifications provided by the petroleum casing manufacturer, and select a reputable and dependable manufacturer.

3. Manufacturer reputation

The reputation of an oil casing manufacturer can indicate the quality of its products and provide insight to users. If the manufacturer has a negative reputation in the market, it can raise doubts about the quality of the products they sell. It is advised to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation that can be easily obtained online or through word of mouth.

4. Price and delivery time

Price and delivery time are crucial factors to consider when selecting an API oil casing manufacturer. Manufacturers must be competitive with their pricing. Moreover, they must be capable of delivering products on time while satisfying customer needs.

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