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Key factors that determine the quality of spiral welded pipes

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Spiral welded pipes (SSAW), also known as spiral steel pipes, are extensively employed in fluid and gas transportation networks, chemical pipeline insulation projects, petroleum and chemical industries, centralized supply and distribution, central air conditioning and ventilation systems, water supply and drainage, and tap water projects. Power Engineering. Urban gas pipelines, water and drainage systems, highways, marine oil transportation, and petrochemical industries require spiral welded pipes produced through extrusion welding of strip steel coils. For instance, smaller diameter pipes are produced using high-frequency welding technology while larger diameter steel pipes are produced using double-sided submerged arc welding technology. Moreover, the implementation of high-frequency welding technology can enhance the efficiency and product quality in the production process of high-frequency welded pipes (ERW).

What is the key to determining the quality of spiral welded pipes?

  1. The manufacturing process adheres strictly to standard requirements, with a 100% X-ray inspection of the welds to guarantee that they meet the mechanical properties and chemical composition as per the standards.

  2. The welded pipe unit utilizes an automated double-wire double-sided submerged arc welding technique for welding. This method reduces the number of required welding passes and delivers exceptional efficiency.

  3. Before forming, chamfer the tube blank and heat the steel pipe to a high temperature. Ensure a uniform distribution of spiral welds and misaligned edges inside the tube blank.

  4. After welding, annular brackets are attached to both ends of the pipe section in order to distribute the stress in the weld area onto the support belt and minimize the thermal stress caused by the welding.

  5. Due to the large diameter of the tube blank, in order to ensure that the heat affected zone can be fully penetrated, manual arc welding or electric arc welding is generally used.

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