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How to evaluate the service life of seamless tube?

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The life evaluation of seamless tubes depends on many factors, such as the use environment, chemical properties, mechanical properties, surface treatment, etc. The following are some commonly used evaluation methods:

1. Corrosion test
Corrosion is one of the main factors that reduce the service life of seamless steel pipes. By applying different chemical substances on the surface of the pipe, simulating different corrosion environments, and evaluating the corrosion resistance of seamless steel tubes in specific environments.

2. Fatigue test

Seamless steel pipes may be cracked and damaged under long-term repeated loads, which will affect their life. Evaluate the fatigue resistance of seamless steel tubes by simulating alternating loads in practical applications.

3. Mechanical performance test
The strength and reliability of seamless tubes are evaluated in different situations through different mechanical property tests, such as elongation, elongation at break, yield strength, tensile strength, etc.

4. Working condition simulation

By simulating the working state of seamless tubes under actual use conditions, its life and reliability under different use environments and requirements can be evaluated.

5. Number Evaluation
The relevant standards for the production and manufacture of seamless tubes usually stipulate some number evaluation methods to provide users with the basis for selecting suitable materials according to design requirements, additional technical condition numbers, working environment condition numbers, material quality numbers, comprehensive quality assurance of welds, etc. assessment method.

It should be noted that when evaluating the life of seamless tubes, a variety of evaluation methods should be selected according to the actual situation as much as possible, and factors such as its use environment, material quality and manufacturing process should be fully considered in order to more accurately determine the life of seamless tubes.

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