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How to choose spiral welded pipe according to your needs?

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How to choose spiral welded pipe (SSAW) according to your needs?

  1. Understand the basic parameters

When selecting a spiral welded steel pipe, it is important to consider the following key parameters: diameter and wall thickness.

The diameter of the pipe should be chosen based on the material being conveyed and the required flow rate. The wall thickness is a critical factor in determining the load-bearing capacity and impact resistance of the pipe. The wall thickness of the steel pipe varies depending on the use occasion, whether it is underground, underwater or on the surface.

The material of the steel pipe is typically chosen based on its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and temperature resistance.

2. Analyze engineering requirements

Each project has unique requirements. For instance, oil pipelines may necessitate specialised anti-corrosion treatment, whereas urban water systems prioritise pipeline safety and reliability.

3. Consider the usage environment

Steel pipes used in high temperature environments must have good high temperature resistance.

In chemical plants or other locations susceptible to chemical contamination, steel pipes must have excellent chemical stability. In coastal areas, salt spray environments can cause corrosion to steel pipes.

4. Choose the right model

Spiral welded steel pipes come in various types, classified by their production process and function.

The basic type is suitable for general building and mechanical structures.

The anti-corrosion type has a special coating and is suitable for humid and chemical environments.

The high-pressure type is suitable for high-voltage transmission lines, such as oil and natural gas transmission.

5. Communicate with suppliers

Suppliers often provide customization services and can manufacture steel pipes to meet specific customer needs. It is important to communicate clearly with suppliers to ensure that project requirements are fully understood.

6. Consider cost factors

In addition to the cost of the steel pipes themselves, it is important to consider the costs associated with transportation, installation, maintenance, and replacement. Selecting the appropriate steel pipe model and specifications can lead to substantial savings over the course of the project's lifespan.

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