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How to anti-corrosion carbon steel pipe?

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Carbon steel pipes & tubes need to undergo anti-corrosion treatment during use to extend the service life of the pipeline. The commonly used anti-corrosion methods are as follows:

1. Hot dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing is a process used to coat the surface of carbon steel pipes with a layer of zinc. This is achieved by immersing the carbon steel pipe in high-temperature molten zinc liquid. The zinc reacts with the surface of the carbon steel to form a uniform layer with good adhesion, high corrosion resistance, and a consistent thickness. This protects the steel pipe from rust and provides a long-lasting anti-corrosion effect. Hot-dip galvanizing is known for its strong adhesion and durability, making it a suitable choice for underground pipelines and marine environments. However, it does not prevent corrosion inside carbon steel pipes and is a more expensive option.

2. Electro-galvanized

Electro-galvanizing is a process that deposits a layer of zinc on carbon steel pipes through an electrochemical process. It is a cost-effective alternative to hot-dip galvanizing, although it provides less protection against corrosion. Electro-galvanizing is recommended for pipelines with weak corrosion resistance and relatively good environmental conditions.

3. Paint anti-corrosion

Paint anti-corrosion is a common anti-corrosion method. The principle is to apply special anti-corrosion coating on the surface of carbon steel pipes to isolate air and moisture and prevent pipeline corrosion. Paint anti-corrosion has the advantages of convenient construction and low cost. However, the thickness of the coating is difficult to control, and defects and cracks are prone to occur, affecting the service life.

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