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High-pressure seamless steel pipe material introduction and process steps

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High-pressure seamless steel pipes are high-pressure boiler pipes. Because high-pressure seamless steel pipes are usually used in high-temperature and high-pressure boiler pipes, they are also called boiler pipes. Although the above two pipes have different names, they are the same. They all belong to the category of seamless steel pipes, and the manufacturing process is no different from seamless steel pipes. However, due to its special working environment, it has very high requirements for materials. High-pressure seamless steel pipes mainly bear a certain temperature and pressure of liquids, but the liquids transported are also divided into many types. Because of different uses, the materials of high-pressure seamless steel pipes will be different, but what are the specific materials?

The manufacturing process of seamless pipes is divided into two types: hot rolling and cold drawing, and in the cold drawing process, is divided into special-shaped pipes and round pipes, so the same is true for high-pressure seamless steel pipes.

1. Hot rolling process steps: The overall hot rolling process is to heat the round tube blank to a certain temperature, and then perform perforation processing. The next step is a three-roll cross-rolling, continuous rolling, or extrusion process, followed by tube removal. Sizing, followed by cooling to form a blank tube, straightening, and finally, after a hydraulic test, it can be marked and put into storage.

2. Cold drawing process steps: Now heat the round tube blank to a temperature that can be perforated, and then perform perforation processing. Then proceed to heading, annealing, pickling, and copper plating. In the next step, you can perform cooling processing, which needs to be performed multiple times. After cooling, the blank tube formed after cooling must also undergo heat treatment and straightening. It can also be marked and stored in the warehouse after undergoing a hydraulic test.

3. Introduction to some materials of high-pressure seamless steel pipes: Because high-pressure seamless steel pipes refer to a type of seamless pipes, in this category, as long as they can withstand high temperature and high pressure, pipes using seamless pipe technology are all high-pressure seamless steel pipes. Sew the tube. It's just that the materials are different and the environments they can adapt to are different.

① GB5310-2008 model seamless steel pipe, which is the high-pressure boiler pipe mentioned above, but this type of high-pressure boiler pipe is mainly used in boilers in power stations, such as high-pressure and high-temperature resistant pipes, etc. This model The materials used for the pipes are 15CrMoG, 20G, and 12Cr1MoVG.

② The GB3087-2008 model seamless steel pipe belongs to the category of low and medium-pressure boiler seamless steel pipes. Generally speaking, this seamless steel pipe is also a high-pressure seamless pipe. This type of steel pipe is mainly used for pipes transporting medium and low-pressure fluids in boilers in industry and daily life. The materials used are No. 10 and No. 20 steel.

③ GB6479-2000 model seamless steel pipe is a seamless pipe used in high-pressure fertilizer equipment. It is used for the part of fertilizer equipment that needs to transport high-pressure fluid. The materials used are 16Mn, 12Cr2Mo, 20, and 12CrMo.

④ GB3093-1986 model seamless steel pipe is a high-pressure seamless pipe specially used in diesel engines. It is mainly used for high-pressure injection oil pipes inside diesel engines. The material used is 20A.

From the above several types of high-pressure seamless steel pipes, some are used in boilers, some are used in chemical equipment, and some are used in engines. Of course, the materials of high-pressure seamless steel pipes for different uses are different, so when using high-pressure seamless steel pipes, Please pay attention to the applicable environment of each pipe to avoid affecting the service life of the machine.

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