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Galvanized Steel Surface Removal Technology

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1. The cold rolling step:

The surface state of the strip there are two main aspects of surface roughness and residues.

2. Surface roughness:

Cold-rolled strip surface roughness control process involving many factors, by batch annealing the strip, have a certain surface roughness to reduce the effect bonding defects.

3. The pickling process:

The main purpose is to remove the pickling process of hot-rolled strip surface iron oxide, iron oxide skin removal ratio to be properly controlled, in order to better control the iron oxide residue on the hot rolling process even need to be adjusted.

4. The cold-rolled strip surface residues:

The cleaning principle, to go through the dirt cleaning agent wetting, soaked, wrapped stripping process to be removed from the steel surface. The strong role of polar molecules just affect the above cleaning process, resulting in decreased cleaning efficiency.

Hot-dip galvanizing technology is widely used to produce high quality hot galvanized plate, the surface of the original board cleaning quality is the key. With cleaning agents, grease strip surface, iron and other dirt is removed. After a good cleaning strip, annealing zinc bath will increase its wetting ability to obtain high quality surface layer of zinc.

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