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Fire pipeline

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Fire pipeline is the pipeline system in order to build a fire, due to the special needs of the fire pipe thickness and material have special requirements, and sprayed red paint, conveying fire water. Fire pipeline means for fire safety, fire-fighting equipment is connected, equipment, transport fire fighting water, gas or other media piping materials. Often due to pipeline fire in a quiescent state, and therefore more stringent requirements for the pipeline, the pipeline needs to pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature performance.

Fire fighting pipe installation: Installation Preparation → dry pipe valve installed alarm installation → sprinkler riser installation stratified Lunar pipe, fire hydrants and branch pipe installation → flow indicator, fire pumps, water tanks, pumps combined with mounting pressure test → Pipe Pipeline rinse → (integrated pressure test system and flushing) branch pipe sprinkler installation → alarm valve throttling device installation accessories, fire hydrant fittings, sprinkler system installation → pass the water test

Fire pipe welding: generally does not allow welding wire connections are connected and groove connection. Greater than or equal DN100 specification using grooved, less than DN100 using wire connection.

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