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Difference between Hot Stretch Reducing Pipe and LSAW Steel Pipe

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Difference between hot stretch reducing pipe and LSAW steel pipe are basically has the following two points:

1, Resulting in differnce on product quality due to the different processes, hot stretch reducing also carried out a process after high-frequency welding process that lsaw steel pipe can not found  ------ Longitudinal are no clear line inside and outside burrs. Burr presence will affect the tube fluid - flow, burr block the normal flow of fluid, resulting in a whirlpool. According to principles of fluid mechanics, welding must increase local compression, discontinuity make pipe safety factor is also greatly reduced, hot stretch reducing steel production process - fully taken into account the existence of the risk of burrs, to limit burr removal, making it uniform thickness, no difference in the appearance and seamless. So from this point of view, hot stretch reducing pipe joints also completed the transition seamless.

2, Weld quality directly determines the quality of welded pipe, seamless pipe is welded with the greatest difference lies. Longitudinal after the high-frequency welding, straight seam set carbon can not be eliminated, weld and the parent just join together and not completely fused into one - could not stand the test of time and pressure. Hot stretch reducing high-frequency welding steel pipe after heating to go through the whole, the overall annealing temperature of 800 degrees, and then open the change process, after which a series of processes, the weld and the parent organization performance - has been the same for the complete melting one, well done from the seam to a seamless transition.

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