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Derusting Work Process of Thick Wall Straight Seam Welded Pipe

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To walled Longitudinal rust oil treatment, we must first understand the characteristics and type of anti-rust oil, as well as their respective roles. So when buying such products can not be thrown off balance, indirectly save time.

1. Quick-drying

Its biggest advantage is that dry fast, hard shell, use widely welcomed, can be used in harsh environments, and durable.

2. Soft membrane

With paraffin oil or heavy oil treatment from rust performance are the three strongest presence, and solvent may be used one kind of washed away.

3. Film type

Its relatively nearly rust resistance. But it's working process is very simple. Use can reduce the damage they caused due to friction, reduce costs, indirect guarantee the development of the productive forces.

Thus it can be seen, thick-walled Longitudinal Rust oil has a significant role.

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