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Connection method of round tube and square tube

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Connection method of carbon steel round tube and square tube:

1. Flange Connection

Flange connection is a prevalent method for connecting round and square tubes in large buildings or mechanical equipment due to its high load-bearing capacity and strength. This method involves cutting corresponding flange holes at the pipe opening and joining the two pipes through bolts and nuts. Flange connections are ideal when using both round and square pipes simultaneously, and can accommodate connection needs for various angles and directions.

2.Threaded connections

Threaded connections are another common method for joining square and round tubes, where threads can be added to the interfaces before connecting through threaded connectors. The threaded connection technique offers simple disassembly, trustworthy linkages, and is apt for circumstances that demand frequent dismantling and adjustments.

3.Pin connection

Pin connection is a quick and uncomplicated method for joining round and square tubes, commonly used in furniture and shelving. The process involves drilling a small hole at the end of both tubes before connecting them together through the latch. This method of connection is quick, flexible and convenient as it does not require welding or bolts and can be disassembled and assembled multiple times.

4. Welding connection

On the other hand, welding connection is a common technique used to connect round and square tubes, mainly in construction and mechanical equipment fields. It involves welding the ends of round and square pipes together. This method of connection does not require bolts or pins, and provides a stronger fixing force and load-bearing capacity. However, welded connections require additional equipment and skills, and cannot be disassembled multiple times.

5. Clamp connection

Utilising clamp connections involves placing a clamp on the pipe, which is then bolted together. Clamp connections are a common method for connecting both round and square tubes. They are usually suitable for connections in light construction, decoration and other similar fields. This method of connection is fast and easily disassembled, but has a weaker load-bearing capacity compared to flange and welded connections. Additionally, the presence of clamps may lead to surface breakpoints and affect appearance.

In summary, various connection methods are available for round and square tubes. Select the suitable method of connection based on the usage scenario and requirements, with consideration for the safety and stability of the connection.

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