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Characteristics of large diameter straight seam plastic coated steel pipes

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Characteristics of large-diameter straight-seam plastic-coated steel pipes: Its characteristics combine the characteristics of straight-seam steel pipes and the characteristics of epoxy resin.

1: Characteristics of straight seam steel pipes have a simple production process, high production efficiency, low cost, rapid development, and good durability. The quality of welded steel pipe products can be comparable to seamless steel pipes, the production method is simple, and it is easy to change product specifications and production. The cost is lower than that of seamless steel pipes, so its usage is increasing year by year and its application scope is becoming more and more extensive.

2: Characteristics of epoxy resin: The paint film after being cured by epoxy resin is tough and water-resistant, non-toxic, and does not pollute water. Strong adhesion, good adhesion between paint films. It has excellent anti-rust and water-resistant properties and uses excellent anti-rust raw materials to ensure its anti-rust performance. It has good mechanical strength, tough paint film, wear resistance, and impact resistance. The solid content is high and the coating film is thick. Cures at room temperature to form a film. No need for large drying equipment. Epoxy coatings are also non-toxic, ensuring water supply safety.

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