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Ceramic-lined Composite Steel Pipe Installation

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Ceramic-lined composite steel pipe transportation and installation is very convenient, ceramic lined composite steel pipe and steel pipe, wear-resistant alloy cast pipe, cast iron pipe and cast stone pipe comparison, relatively light weight, easy to transport. Ceramic-lined composite steel pipe can be welded, flanges, flexible connectors and other fast connection way, so installation is also very convenient.

By Industry:

1. High wear resistance required pipes: thermal power, thermal power plant ash (slag) transportation, coal pipeline, concentrator tailings and concentrate pipelines, ports and sediment slurry pipeline pulverized coal slurry pipelines and the like.

2. Dense Medium election (washed) coal plants coal pipelines, high corrosion resistance requirements of thermal power desulphurization pulp pipelines.

3. Molten aluminum pipes.

4. Requiring high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high temperature variety of channels.

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