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Carbon steel tube connection method

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Carbon steel tube connection method:

1.Welding connection

The most popular technique for joining carbon steel pipes is welding. It can be separated into a number of different techniques, including submerged arc, gas, and electric welding. Gas shielded welding and manual arc welding are the two most common types of electric welding. One type of manual welding is gas welding, sometimes referred to as fire welding. Pipelines used for long-distance transportation are typically welded using submerged arc welding, which is a highly automated and effective technique.

2. Threaded connection

A threaded connection, sometimes referred to as a threaded joint, is a type of connection where pipes are tightened by the friction created by the threads. There are two categories for it: internal and external threads.

3. Clamp connection

The clamp connection technique, sometimes referred to as the sleeve clamp connection, involves inserting the pipe's two ends into the sleeve before clamping and fixing it in place.

 4. Flange connection

Flange connection is a connection method in which the flanges at both ends are fitted and bolts are used to fasten the flanges together.

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