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Carbon steel pipe storage regulations

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Preparation of carbon steel pipes before storage:

Prior to storage, it is recommended to clean and remove rust from carbon steel pipes to prevent exposure to moisture and polluted environments that can accelerate surface corrosion. This will also help to minimize friction and collisions between the pipes.

Carbon steel pipe storage environment requirements:

  1. Temperature: Carbon steel pipes should be stored in a dry and cool environment at room temperature, away from high temperatures and humidity.

  2. Humidity: To prevent the formation of oxides and pollution that can affect the quality of the pipes, it is important to store carbon steel pipes in a dry, ventilated, and moisture-free environment.

  3. Lighting: To prevent the surface of carbon steel pipes from hardening, becoming brittle, and aging, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and long-term exposure.

  4. To prevent accidents caused by chemical reactions or pollution, it is important to separate and protect chemicals such as strong acids, strong alkalis, and other harmful gases and liquids.

  5. To prevent accidents, it is important to keep carbon steel pipes away from flammable, explosive, and corrosive substances.

Carbon steel pipe storage methods:

1. Vertical storage: Carbon steel pipes should be stored vertically to avoid contact between carbon steel pipes and the ground. The pipes can be properly separated to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation. The air flow can blow away the moisture evaporated from the surface of the pipe to prevent corrosion of the galvanized layer. 

2. Horizontal storage: Carbon steel pipes should be stored horizontally, and the pipes should be properly separated to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation, and avoid surface contact of carbon steel pipes.

Carbon steel pipe storage time:

Carbon steel pipes can be stored for extended periods in a suitable environment. However, it is important to avoid prolonged storage to prevent oxidation, which can negatively impact the pipes' appearance and service life.

What precautions should be taken when storing carbon steel welded pipes?

The carbon steel welded pipes are stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, at least 0.3 meters above the ground. The temperature of both the pipes and the warehouse should be maintained between 10-25℃, with a relative humidity of 50%. During transportation, handle the pipes with care and avoid throwing them, especially from high places. Carbon steel welded pipes that have been exposed to moisture, have discoloured coating or rust on the welding core must be dried before quality assessment. These pipes can then be used and given priority.

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