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Applications of hot extrusion steel pipes

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Hot extrusion process meets stringent product standards, widely used in military, nuclear power, petrochemical, and other cutting-edge areas of aviation and a variety of stainless steel tubes, high-quality high-temperature corrosion steel pipe, steel pipe and other steel titanium and titanium alloy products. These high-quality, high-precision, difficult deformation of specialty steel products, its production processes often require special smelting, casting, rolling, forging production and R & D capabilities, and includes cold rolling, heat treatment process including a series of tube processing capacity.

Core areas of hot piercing and hot extrusion production process need to build a complete production line, a broad product line includes: pretreatment tube offline, online pre-heating and heating tube, inner tube, the outer surface of the glass powder lubrication after heat perforation / reaming, after reheating and the inner and outer surfaces of the glass powder lubricant into the hot extrusion process and thermal pressure I saw after cutting, hot extruded steel tube (long tube by heat Sawing online after) by a roller transported to the background, and then heat quenched or cooled in the cooling bed.

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