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Applications of galvanized steel pipe products

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Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are widely used in construction, machinery, coal mines, the chemical industry, electric power, railway vehicles, the automobile industry, highways, bridges, containers, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, exploration machinery, and other manufacturing industries.

A galvanized steel pipe is a welded steel pipe with a hot-dip or electroplated zinc layer on the surface. Galvanizing can increase the corrosion resistance of steel pipes and extend their service life. Galvanized pipes are widely used. In addition to being used as pipeline pipes for general low-pressure fluids such as water, gas, and oil, they are also used as oil well pipes and oil pipelines in the petroleum industry, especially offshore oil fields, and as oil heaters and condensation in chemical coking equipment. Pipes for coolers, coal distillate wash oil exchangers, pipes for trestle pipe piles, support frames for mine tunnels, etc.

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