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American standard square and rectangular tube ASTM A36, A500, A572 material comparison

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Comparison of materials: American standard square tubes and rectangular tubes ASTM A36, A500, A572.

ASTM A36 steel is commonly used as a carbon structural steel due to its remarkable weldability and plasticity. Its strength and impact resistance make it a suitable material for building structures, mechanical parts and metal structures. By galvanizing A36 steel, it can gain better corrosion resistance and extend its lifespan.

ASTM A500 square and rectangular tubes are hot-rolled in a seamless manner, making them suitable for use in building structures, ventilation ducts, steel and wooden structures, and other areas of application. These tubes are characterized by their strength, rigidity, and welding performance, enabling them to endure harsh environments of high pressure and humidity. They are widely used in constructing bridges, automobile frames, and various transportation equipment.

ASTM A572 square and rectangular tubing features a high-strength low-alloy structural steel, primarily utilised for the fabrication of heavy engineering machinery, ships, bridges and other related fields. The steel exhibits excellent strength, toughness and weldability. The pipes exhibit a remarkably lengthy service life and are capable of withstanding considerable pressure and stress whilst under harsh working conditions.

Typically, square and rectangular pipes of the American standard, namely ASTM A36, A500 and A572, are all optimal choices of high-quality steel. If you are considering plasticity, impact resistance or strength, these square and rectangular tubes can accommodate your requirements. Alongside, when selecting appropriate square and rectangular pipes, you should also take into account the requirements of the specific project, such as load, environmental conditions, budget and other factors.

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