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304 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Wear

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304 stainless steel seamless pipe wear phenomenon is very common, many reasons for this phenomenon have physico-chemical and mechanical aspects, mainly by the abrasive wear, adhesive wear (glued), fatigue wear (pitting) corrosion and wear.

304 stainless steel seamless pipe and wear almost all properties have a relationship, but under different conditions of wear mechanisms, in order to improve the wear resistance of the material properties have different requirements. Since the friction material and test conditions vary, the available wear index represented by the use or wear test machine tested under specified conditions the measured material reduction (g / cm2), or its inverse, said wear friction and wear a measurement parameter test.

Industrial middle finger paint coating to the mechanical action of friction resistance. Actually reflect the hardness, adhesion and cohesion of the combined effect of the coating. Under the same conditions, superior abrasion resistance of a metal material, because there is viscoelastic effects, which the energy buffer, absorbing and released. Determination of abrasion resistance of the coating is usually wearable device. In a certain load, the coating rubber wheel after a predetermined number of revolutions of grinding, coating weight loss determined in grams.

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