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SA-106 Gr.B is a carbon–manganese steel intended for various high temperature service applications such as feed-water reducers in Pressurized Water Reactors, liquid ammonia transport from ammonia heater to urea reactor, drain lines in power reactor components, and feeders for carrying out the Primary Heat Transport (PHT) coolant to reactor core. This material is prone to low cycle corrosion-fatigue, pitting corrosion, intergranular cracking and flow assisted corrosion (FAC). In context of fossil fired thermal power plants, SA-106 Gr. B material is used in low temperature regime components (such as ring feeder of the boiler and drain pipes from condenser to boiler feed water inlet) where water is the working medium and operating temperatures are between 80 and 120 °C. Ring-feeder is important in order to deliver water which will be uniformly heated through various tubes passing through the furnace wall to the boiler drum. Drain pipes handle condensed water from hot-well of the condenser to the boiler feed-water inlet, for a distance of the order of hundreds of meters. They also have bends which have to be pre-fabricated before assembly at the site. Hot bending operation is hence employed to bend the pipes as per the required specifications of a particular unit.

Chemical component

Chemical component
SA-106 Gr.B
C 0.30
Mn 0.29-1.06
P        0.035
S 0.035
Si 0.10