The Manufacturing Process of SSAW Steel Pipe

Double submerged arc welded SSAW steel pipe is that the reasonably spiral welded pipe created by Prime Steel Pipe. With its high capability, tiny resistance, coldness resistance, corrosion resistance, straightforward installation and maintenance, etc., it's favored by a lot of and a lot of oil and gas, slurry transportation, urban construction and alternative industries.

The producing process of SSAW steel pipe:

1. Double submerged arc fastening method, the plate deformation uniformly tiny, residual stress, surface doesn't turn out scratches. process of pipe diameter and wall thickness of the pipe sizes range, larger flexibility, particularly within the production of top-grade steel thick-walled steel pipe, massive diameter thick wall pipe has the unparalleled advantage of alternative technology, to satisfy the users in pipe size requirements;

2. Bewildering outside fastening (the fine welding) the method are often enforced within the best position fastening, less susceptible to the incorrect facet of the fastening partial and incomplete penetration defects like fastening quality, straightforward to control;

3.Overall mechanical enlarged diameter, which might effectively improve the dimensional accuracy of a steel pipe, and improve the distribution state of the stresses within the steel pipe, therefore avoiding the damage caused owing to stress corrosion, is additionally contributive to the welded construction of the scene;

4. 100% quality check on the steel, in order that the total method of pipe production square measure effective detection, monitored, to confirm the merchandise quality of the SAW pipe;

5. Entire assembly line instrumentality have networked with a pc information acquisition system to realize the period transmission of knowledge, the standard of the technology within the production method parameters and quality indicators adopted by the central room.