Production Process of Seamless Steel Pipe

There are two modes of seamless steel pipe production, hot rolled and cold rolled, and there is a slight difference between two approaches. Next, Great Steel Pipe will introduce those respectively for all of you.

Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production process:

1. Hot-rolled (extruded seamless steel pipe): round tube → heating → perforation → three roll inclined rolling, rolling or extrusion → release → sizing (or reducing diameter) → cooling → straightening → water pressure test (Or flaw detection) → mark → storage

Cold-rolled seamless steel pipe production process:

2. Cold drawn (rolled) seamless steel pipe: round tube → heating → perforation → start → annealing → pickling → oil (copper) → multi-pass cold drawn (cold-rolled) → billet → heat treatment → straightening → water pressure test (flaw detection) → mark → storage