Create a New Business Card of "Wisdom Made in China"

The "super fishing grounds" of China's 12-stage typhoon have been delivered to Norwegian users. The "super fishing grounds" installed more than 20000 various types of sensors,  integrated into the biology, engineering, electrical, computer and other multidisciplinary technology, which can realize automatic monitoring, feeding, cleaning, is our country  contract to build the world's first and largest deep-sea semi-submersible intelligent farms. It is a fishing ground and a comfortable modern home for Marine life.

Meanwhile,Shinestar Group root of China, service for global steel procurement , its carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized coating steel pipe  are exported  to Australia, Africa, North America and other countries and regions. We believe that the breakthrough of points reflects the ability of the system to ascend.

Now we don’t refer to the familiar Tianzhou-1 delivery go to the space, the jiaolong dip mariana trench, quantum computer, combustible ice was successful. In the passed few  days, "made in China trackless train for metro running on the road", "China developed the world's first uhv flexible HVDC converter valve" continues to make news such as  reported by the media, the "call to ring, the greatest attrocities" project of scientific and technological achievements, become the new business cards for "wisdom made in  China" amazing world, showed the overall strength of China engineering science and technology, for our country to innovative country laid the important foundation.

Especially since the the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, the party central committee with Jinping xi as the core put "innovation" as the first of new development  concept, adhere to the innovation development strategy, continuous innovation capacity building, it just had the improving of the strength of science and technology and  innovation in our country.

Yet, objectively, our distance from the innovation-oriented country is not too short. First of all, in the coming decades, a new round of technological revolution and industrial  revolution would be a historic meeting, engineering science and technology progress and innovation will become the important engine to promote the development of human society.  This technological innovation contest is more practical than the one whose innovation is faster and more sustainable and whose innovation system is more alive and mature. Only  the forefront of world science and technology, economic key battleground, the major national requirements, continuously release potential to promote innovation and innovation,  to make the country strong, enterprise win and people's life better. Second, catch up with in the field of engineering due to the clear goal, easier to implement, and basic  research in the field of original innovation more uncertainty and seemingly "useless" also need to make more investment and efforts.

Moving forward to the world's scientific and technological powers requires us to strive for strategic initiative in the process of change, strain, and change. Institutional  reform and institutional innovation worked together, and basic research, applied research and engineering technologies worked together. Shinestar Group will seize the  opportunity, research and development to produce more and better carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized coating steel pipe and other products, we believe  that the voice of the "wisdom made in China" will speak louder every day.