Welded Steel Pipe for Transporting Low-Pressure Fluid

Welded tube is using the materials, such as steel belt or plate stuff, as the steel pipe joint on the surface, which makes the welded can bend into round or triangle shape. That makes the tube shape. Welded steel pipe is formed in 1.0m for the pipe diameter and more than 10mm thick from the steel plate. In the industrial field, we can see lots of application of this welded steel pipe is being used, such as shipment delivery and the basic structural materials for building and factories, etc. Therefore, lots of customers can are satisfied in meeting this pipe. They can ask for special requirements on the quality, specifications and even the size. More originally, we are using this pipe in transporting gas, liquid and even the heating. We are using them in delivering water through the country and providing necessity for the resident.

We can divide the welded steel pipe into three main types, the high, the low and the gas tube. Those are evidenced by their different methods. Moreover, we still can see some minority types, such as the furnace pipe.

Making the welded tubes is simpler than other types, like the seamless steel pipes and black steel pipes. Thereby, the manufacturer has high efficiency. Since one hundred year ago, the development of the kind of pipes makes it possible to improve its quality and specifications like the lengths and diameters. Flat products such as plate and sheet are the original materials in making welded tubes. After certain degree compression and temperature, it can make it into desired shape. Basically, manufacturers would like to make it round shape, since it is good for transporting, especially for those low-temperature liquid. Once this outer shape is made, weld joint are used to combine each part together. High energy are needed at the same time, since this process need power to squeeze and form. Customers and buyers are provided more choices as the increasing number of pipes. According to different making process, this type can be divided into two main forms---the spiral welded pipe and longitudinal pipe. For the advantages, simple procedure is the first one, then various types are the second since customers can choose their specific types. What's more, equipment investment is quite low, while the general strength less than seamless steel tubes.

In the case of high pressure and vibration, steel pipe are especially helpful since their resistance. They can resist rust, corrosion and fire and therefore, apart from carrying liquid and gas, they can also be applied for fire sprinkler system. Welding steel pipe is under the imposition of government and the quality of the pipe must meet the specified standard. Different pipeline application has different regulations; you need to apply the stringent rules to make sure a safe criterion. Qualified steel pipe works wonder and save trouble to the project and less maintenance in later use. We suggest all the customers to take every important details into consideration before purchasing the pipe.