Welded Steel Pipe for Pipeline

Pipeline is put oil,gas,water out of the ground, transported to the oil and gas industry enterprises through the line pipe including seamless pipe and welded steel pipe.

With the development of the pipeline steel plate and pipe forming´╝îwelding and technological progress, and gradually expand the scope of application of the pipeline with the pipe, especially the advantages become more pronounced wet group within the distance range of large diameter pipe, in addition, the cost factors pipe,which has a dominant position in the field of line pipe, limiting the development of stainless steel seamless line pipe. Seamless line pipe production in 2004 about 400 000 t steel grade X42-70, the varieties of line pipe on land and undersea pipeline. Production of high grade steel line pipe micro-alloying heat treatment process, stainless steel seamless pipe production costs are significantly higher than the pipe, and with the improvement of the steel grade, such as the above-X80 steel grade pipeline restrictions on carbon equivalent difficult for the conventional process of seamless steel pipe to meet user requirements; the 12Cr1moV alloy pipe production plant in order to improve its pipeline corrosion resistance, low temperature, high-temperature environments the use of stable performance and carry out research work.