We Are Seeking Ways to Develop and Promote the Real Economy

Modern economic development, only the level of the real economy, economic strength will be strong, the ability to resist risks will be strong.Shinestar Steel Research  Institute believes that China's economy is to form a more advanced, the stage of evolution of division of labor is more complex, the structure more reasonable, bigger  and stronger real economy is the key to promote the economic transformation, the central economic work conference also emphasizes "focus on the revitalization of the  real economy"

At present, China's economic operation faces prominent contradictions and problems, and the new normal economic development has a close internal relationship.From  the domestic perspective, China's economic development today, not only into the speed shift node, but also in structural adjustment node.From the international point  of view, with the deepening of reform and opening up, China's exports of goods accounted for the proportion of the world's total increase.The current world economic  depth adjustment, the traditional export advantage and participate in international industrial division mode encountered new challenges, the steel industry is no  exception.

In the economic development under the new norm, efforts to revitalize the real economy, not only to avoid the traditional expansion of the old road, but also attaches  great importance to the economic transformation in the "off the real to the imaginary"signs.How to along the right track out of a new road to the revitalization of the  real economy, the key is to firmly grasp the main line of the supply side to deepen structural reform, improve the quality and efficiency of development is tightly around  the center, the expansion of high quality products and service supply in an orderly manner.For iron and steel enterprises, on the one hand will be in accordance with the  overall plan to promote the key breakthrough requirements to accelerate the pace of reform, to create a more conducive to fair competition and innovation driven market  environment.On the other hand, the supply side will continue to deepen structural reform, optimize the real economy intrinsic quality and efficiency, improve the supply  efficiency and core competitiveness, to produce more high-quality rack pipe, straight seam steel pipe, welded pipe, galvanized pipe, oil casing and other products.

The revitalization of the real economy, the industry needs to take measures to promote synergy. In the strategic guidance, we should pay more attention to the  optimization of industrial organization, improve the quality of enterprises, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy as a magic weapon to cultivate  new energy and traditional energy optimization, to promote the strategic emerging industry is flourishing, also want to pay attention to the new a new form of  technology to enhance the comprehensive transformation of the quality of the products.The future, Shinestar Steel Group will continue to strengthen technological  innovation,to produce higher quality rack pipe, straight seam steel pipe, welded pipe, galvanized pipe, oil casing and other products, to build internationally competitive  steel enterprise.