Warm Tips for Seamless Steel pipe

Differed from welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe needs more attention. Thanks to a large number of properties of seamless steel pipe, it is widely in different kinds of industries, such as construction, machining, electricity and wind power plant. With the improvement in the technology, the number of production of seamless steel pipe is crazily increasing meanwhile the requirement of seamless steel pipe is also rapidly increasing due to the fast construction of society. Facing the complicated market of seamless steel pipe, purchasers are always confused and struggle to choose. However, the following warm tips will lead to buyers having a clear picture of how to buy seamless steel pipe.

The key tip of how to buy seamless steel pipe which is different from welded steel pipe is firstly to have a clear and entire picture of buyers' own requirement. Different seamless steel pipes using in the various situation have different compositions, which seems welded steel pipe, so that, according to buyers' own use, specific seamless steel pipe is needed. For example, the seamless steel pipe used in the processing equipment of nitric acid or food must be type 430 seamless steel pipe which has less alloy than any other but type 16 seamless steel pipe is more preferred to use in the processing equipment of chemical products due to its better stain resistance. What's more, not only should compositions be paid attention to, some other properties of seamless steel pipe can never be ignored. One is mechanical property of steel which is an important index promising the final usability, decided by the chemical composition of steel and the heat treating regime.

When it comes to a substantial company, because of the high purchasers' requirement and the high technique of the producing process, a seamless steel pipe company without definite strength can never produce any eligible and even superior seamless steel pipes. Furthermore, the brand and name of the seamless steel pipe company should be rolled on the surface of the seamless steel pipe, just as the welded steel pipe, which should be paid attention to. What's more, the quality guarantee and the certificate number of yielding allowance provided by the seamless steel pipe which is absolutely different from welded steel pipe should also be mad sure.

Moreover, although cold-lap, hard spot and rolling line cannot be avoided in the producing process but mainly not influence in using, buyers' should choose fewer enough, especially inspecting the inner surface of the seamless steel pipe. Generally speaking, a clear picture of what buyers want, a well-known seamless steel pipe company, complete certification, such as the quality guarantees and so on, and a lists of tips are all needed in the process of buying the seamless steel pipe. With all that things mentioned above, purchasers will be calm down and carefully choose their own most suitable seamless steel pipe company. Note that different use of the seamless steel pipe should choose different kinds of the seamless steel pipe, never do as others do.