Thread inspection method

Petroleum pipe thread inspection is even less simple, divided into coupling thread inspection and pipe body thread inspection.


1 Coupling thread inspection


After the coupling wire is processed, individual thread parameters such as internal taper, internal thread pitch, thread height, concentricity, etc. should be tested, and the tight distance and comprehensive parameters should be tested with thread plug gauges and incomplete single-head plugs. Also, the thread surface must be inspected manually according to API standards.


2 Pipe thread inspections


After the pipe body is threaded, the external taper, the external thread pitch, and the thread height should be inspected. The thread angle should be sampled with a thread profile microscope. The sight distance and comprehensive parameters should be inspected with a thread ring gauge and a smooth ring gauge. The thread surface is inspected according to API standard requirements. After the machine is screwed, a plug gauge and an incomplete single-head plug gauge are utilized to inspect the screwed casing coupling.